25+ Years of Living Wall Innovation in Green Building

For more than 25 years Mark has been innovating in the Living Wall, Sustainability and Green Building markets. 

  • Geogrid wrapped structural living walls
  • Wire faced living walls, and slopes
  • Dry-cast and Wet-cast Concrete block living walls
  • Injection molded plastic landscape living wall systems 
  • Vertical Living Walls for indoor, outdoor and vertical garden applications.

Mark’s passion for creating innovative products that provide greater environmental benefit than traditional offerings runs deep.

Living Walls Create Green Space & Habitat

Mark’s experience includes:

  • Creating new patented products for his own former and current companies.
  • Product design for outside clients yielding multiple new IP assets that expanded reach into sustainability markets, product line, and revenue.
  • Project guidance and continuing education for Architects, Landscape Architects,  Engineers and Specifiers in the green building, living wall and sustainability sectors.

No matter the material composition or the angle of inclination, he understands how to successfully enhance a clients market reach.

Education, Innovation, & Licensing

Leverage our experience for your success

We provide:

  • Innovation, living wall consultingproduct creation and enhancement. 
  • Project guidance and continuing education for specifiers in the green building, living wall and sustainability sectors
  • Licensing of our own proprietary GreenWay and VerTexx Living Wall systems to manufacturers worldwide. 

Our Mission

By joining your project team, we can increase your success with living walls and enhance your client performance. My specialty is the design, R&D and implementation of successful “Living Wall” systems and their manufacture. Green walls or “Living” walls” have been a niche market in the United States for the past 30 years and my belief is that they can and will become commonplace, as standard tools for creating Biophilia and increasing environmental performance of the built environments we live in.

Our Living Wall Experience

I have been working in the living wall market space for more than 25 years.  My experience includes inventing, manufacturing, and installing living wall products, licensing green wall products to manufacturers, bringing products to market & educating specifiers about the benefits of living wall products.

Living Wall Case Study: Failing To Thrive?

In my experience talking with design firms across the country, I hear one common frustration again and again. It never fails several people in the room have experienced working on a project with a living wall requirement, and the specified product failed to grow.  Now the wall that was supposed to be a beautiful focal point for the project has become an eyesore and has tainted the reputation of the firm.

Green Wall Case Study: Trusted Source for Info?

There are plenty of sources for excellent living wall products throughout the country, but not all products will work for all projects.  At this point in the life cycle of the market, design firms have to rely on distributors and manufacturers who have a vested interest in selling their products for guidance. I can offer a better solution.